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    Project management

    Customer technical data / engineering data collection
    Holding customer product review meeting/ early DFM discussion
    Timely delivery of customer requirements to related departments
    Organizing mold drawing review meeting 
    Schedule control in processing process/E-Mold and ERP system management
    Test mold arrangement and organization
    Modifying scheme and implementation  
    Mold detection and arrangement before moving mode /Die detection and debugging before volume production
    MES system supervision and management in volume production process 

    Patent technology More

    Team introduction

    Team introduction

    Project manager: as main window and decision maker for project communication, the project manager has overall responsibility for all matters of the project 
    customer manager/customer service: undertakes related business matters  and makes quotation, bargain and service window
    Support team: includes all department managers and key supervisors of key posts, offering resources required by the project
    Industry mole: responsible for all matters related to mode, including mold time, cost and quality.
    Quality: responsible for execution of quality standard and quality problem solving,  supplier audit, etc.
    Production and material plan:  plan and arrange resource requirement related to production, including machine, equipment, material, manpower, etc. 
    Injection molding, spraying, printing and assembly: responsible for process matters including process formulation, technique improvement, yield improvement, etc.

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